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HFL   24 Hour Face Lotion
5PFCS   5 - Pack Fresh Cut Soap
5PHC   5 Pack Hair Conditioners
5PSB-   5 Pack Shampoo Bars
AMRS   Achy Muscle Relief Stick
ANECO   All Natural Eczema Cream- Original
ANECS   All Natural Eczema Cream- Sea Buckthorn
ANLS   All Natural Lip Scrubs
ANLS-0002   All Natural Lip Scrubs - Lucious Lemon Lime
ANLS-0003   All Natural Lip Scrubs - Radical Raspberry
ANLS-0004   All Natural Lip Scrubs - Sexy Sangria
ANLS-0006   All Natural Lip Scrubs - Valley Vanilla
AHRBHC   Amla Hair and Root Builder Hair Conditioner
ATTS   Antibacterial Tea Tree Soap
AHOTB   Argan Hot Oil Treatment Bar
BCS   Bamboo Charcoal Soap
BBS   Bath Bubbler Small
BBS-0004   Bath Bubbler Small - Cherry Blossom
BBS-0006   Bath Bubbler Small - Oatmeal Milk and Honey
BBS-0008   Bath Bubbler Small - Polo Blue
BBS-0012   Bath Bubbler Small - Zen- what more can we say
BBM   Bath Bubblers Medium
BBM-0010   Bath Bubblers Medium - Frozen
BBM-0009   Bath Bubblers Medium - Nectarine Mint
BBM-0011   Bath Bubblers Medium - Ocean Breeze
BBM-0014   Bath Bubblers Medium - Strawberry blush
BSST   Bath Salts Pack of 3
BSS   Bath Soaking Salts
BSS-0001   Bath Soaking Salts - Love Bird
BSS-0002   Bath Soaking Salts - Nectarine Mint
BSS-0003   Bath Soaking Salts - Orange Jubilee
BSS-0004   Bath Soaking Salts - Paradise Fig
BSS-0005   Bath Soaking Salts - Pink Sugar
BSS-0006   Bath Soaking Salts - Strawberry Lemon
BSS-0007   Bath Soaking Salts - Sweet Lavender Vanilla
BSS-0008   Bath Soaking Salts - Tahitian Melon
BSS-0009   Bath Soaking Salts - Treasure (Strawberry)
BSS-0010   Bath Soaking Salts - Vanilla
BB   Body Butter
BB-0001   Body Butter - Almond
BB-0002   Body Butter - Au Natural (Fragrance Free)
BB-0004   Body Butter - Chocolate Raspberry
BB-0005   Body Butter - Cool Coconut
BB-0006   Body Butter - Love Bird (Love Spell Type)
BB-0007   Body Butter - Orange Jubilee
BB-0009   Body Butter - Pink Sugar
BB-0010   Body Butter - Sweet Lavender Vanilla
BB-0011   Body Butter - Tahitian Melon
BS   Body Spray
BSpray   Body Spray
spr   Body Spray
BS-0008   Body Spray - Almond
BS-0002   Body Spray - Love Bird
BS-0003   Body Spray - Nectarine Mint
BS-0004   Body Spray - Pink Sugar
BS-0005   Body Spray - Sarah's Love
BS-0006   Body Spray - Tahitian Melon
BS-0007   Body Spray - Very Hollywood
BBSB   Breezy Blond Shampoo Bar
BBHC   Breezy Blonde Hair Conditioner
CBO   Conditioning Body Oil
ECGS   Energizing Caffeine Soap
ESS   Enriched Shea Scrubs
ESS-0001   Enriched Shea Scrubs - Almond
ESS-0004   Enriched Shea Scrubs - Lemon Lime Essential Oil Mix
ESS-0005   Enriched Shea Scrubs - Love Bird
ESS-0007   Enriched Shea Scrubs - Orange Jubilee
ESS-0008   Enriched Shea Scrubs - Pink Sugar
ESS-0009   Enriched Shea Scrubs - Sweet Lavender Vanilla
EHTHC   Enriching Hair Tamer Hair Conditioner
FL   Face Lotion
FL-0001   Face Lotion - Normal to Dry
FL-0002   Face Lotion - Oily
FFSSS   Fragrance Free Sea Salt Soap
FSSS   Fragranced Sea Salt Soap
GGHC   Gallant Gentleman Hair Conditioner
GGSB   Gallant Gentleman Shampoo Bar
GMS   Goat's Milk Soap
HPHC   High Protein Hair Conditioner
HPSB   High Protein Shampoo Bar
JAHC   J' Adore Hair Conditioner
JASB   J' Adore Shampoo Bar
LBBB   Love Bird Body Butter
LBESS   Love Bird Shea Scrub
PSBB   Pink Sugar Body Butter
PSESS   Pink Sugar Shea Scrub
PPS   Prickly Pear Soap
PS   Pumice Soap
PSSB   Pumpkin Spice Shampoo Bar
RRTHC   Red Raspberry Therapy Hair Conditioner
RRTSB   Red Raspberry Therapy Shampoo Bar
RFB   Refreshing Foot Butter
LLS   Relaxing Lavender Soap
SC   Shave Creams
SFSB   Snowflake Dandruff Shampoo Bar
SHC   Snowflake Hair Conditioner
sls   Solid Lotion Stick
sper   Solid Perfume
sper-0001   Solid Perfume - Love Bird
sper-0004   Solid Perfume - Sweet Lavender Vanilla
sper-0005   Solid Perfume - Tahitian Melon
SBP   Spritzing Body Spray
SCHC   Sunny Citrus Hair Conditioner
SLVBB   Sweet Lavender Vanilla Body Butter
SLVESS   Sweet Lavender Vanilla Shea Scrub
TSRHC   Tranquility Swim Repair Hair Conditioner
TSRSB   Tranquility Swim Repair Shampoo Bar
SCTC   Traveling Case
VSBB   Valley of the Sun Butter
WSD   Wooden Soap Dish

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